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  Knowledge Base

This section is a work in progress, check back whenever you can, as this page will be updated as time permits. Last Updated: August 20, 2000.

John Davenport's Beginner Tutorials CGI Tutorial Series Encryption Custom Components
  • QODBC - Component for connecting to the SQL Server
  • QSpinText - A Spin Edit control by Mesut Akcan
  • QToolBar - QToolBar control by Jordi Ramos
  • QHash - QHash component by Daitau Aaron
  • QMandel - for Windows/Linux/Unix. Extends QCanvas. Adds a MandelBrot image to your form.
  • QDriveComboBox - for Windows. Extends QComboBox. Adds a combo box with the valid drives on your computer.
  • QArrow - for Windows. Extends QCanvas. Adds nice colored and highlighted arrow-like buttons to your form. Created by Peter Scheutz.
  • QREdit - for Windows. Extends QRichEdit. Add color syntax hilighting to your RichEdit component.
  • QCoolForm - for Windows. Extends QForm. You can dynamically change your form's appearance, like the titlebar color.
  • QDiamondBox, Linux/Unix Version - Extends QCanvas, adds nice looking diamond-like checkboxes to your form.
  • QAniButton - for Windows/Linux/Unix. Extends QButton, animates button by changing the text.
WINAPI DLL Functions Add-ons (what the Rapid-Q language SHOULD have)
  • evaluate.bas - Function to evaluate string expressions, ie. "3+5^3".
  • like.bas - LIKE Function (pattern matching routine like in VB).
  • using.bas - PRINT USING Function (as in PB).
  • - Some useful and common CGI functions.
Devices Dialogs Files Forms
  • wnd.bas - How to create Windows using only Pure Windows API calls.
  • deskform.bas - How to paint your desktop background image to your form and override the default window handler.
  • minimize.bas - How to minimize your forms to the taskbar rather than the desktop.
  • multform.bas - How to create multiple navigable forms.
  • previnst.bas - How to detect a previous instance of your program.
  • - Gif Animation using an ActiveX control. ZIP file also includes GIF89.DLL and RAPIDQ.GIF
  • bmpdll.bas - How to use image resources from DLLs, this example requires bmpdll.dll.
  • capture.bas - How to create a snap (screen) shot of your current desktop.
  • gifview.bas - How to use GIF/JPG/PCX images instead of .BMP files by using NViewLib (a free .DLL).
  • menu.bas - How to create ownerdraw Menu items.
  • eview.bas - Extended ListView, add gridlines, checkboxes, etc.
  • tray.bas - How to minimize/place your application in the system tray.
  • hotkeys.bas - How to use global hotkeys in your application.

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