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  Rapid-Q News Archive

August 16, 2000 New Windows version

  • Fixed problem with using UDTs within extended types
  • Added Parent property for QFORM
  • Added Handle and PageSize property to QSCROLLBAR
  • Fixed a problem with API calls declared as SUBs
  • Added ability to pass UDTs as parameters
  • BYREF in DLL declaration will now perform the necessary conversion for you, so you don't need to use VARPTR
  • Added ability to define custom events in extended types
  • Added ability to define property sets in extended types
  • Added template classes
  • Implemented super class to access properties/methods that were overridden by a subclass
  • Added a TAG property to most components
  • Added new method RoundRect for some components
  • Added new keyword KILLMESSAGE
  • Fixed some component problems when passed as a parameter to SUBs or FUNCTIONs
  • Fixed some stack issues for recursive subroutines
  • August 6, 2000 Small libraries fix

  • Some link problems were discovered, only the small libraries are updated, the core files checked out okay.
  • August 5, 2000 New Windows version

  • Fixed some problems with QOLEOBJECT
  • Disabled type checking for QOLEOBJECT
  • QTREEVIEW was accidentally "removed" from small libraries
  • ENTER keystroke bug fixed in the IDE, among other things
  • Fixed some problems with using UDTs within SUBs
  • Added ability to play .WAV resources using PLAYWAV
  • Added cursor argument to LOCATE keyword
  • Exposed Console.InputHandle and Console.OutputHandle for Windows API calls
  • Added STATIC keyword
  • Better/faster handling of DRAW method
  • Added new component QOLECONTAINER
  • July 26, 2000 New Linux version

  • Fixes and addition as related to the Windows version
  • Added QRICHEDIT for Rapid-Q/GTK
  • Fixed some problems with QSTRINGLIST
  • July 22, 2000 New Windows version

  • Added ability to save arrays within UDTs
  • Fixed some problems creating arrays within arrays of UDTs
  • Fixed some size problems with fixed strings in UDTs
  • Fixed problem with passing QFILESTREAM object as parameter
  • Added HANDLE property to QFILESTREAM
  • Added read-only string indexes using string[index]
    ie. PRINT "Hello"[2] '-- outputs e
  • Added new keywords, CEIL, FLOOR, and MEMCMP
  • WRITE method of QFILESTREAM and QMEMORYSTREAM now supports string constants/expressions.
  • Fixed problem in assigning font properties to QIMAGE
  • Added some new methods for QD3DFRAME
  • Fixed some nasty IDE bugs, including some improvements
  • July 10, 2000 New Windows version

  • Implemented VARIANT as a return type for FUNCTION/FUNCTIONI
  • SIZEOF should now work for all variables, even properties
  • Fixed some ESCAPECHARS issues:
    PRINT "abcdef\":" ' was treating : as a new line
  • Added new directive $MACRO, introducing macro overloading
  • Fully implemented and corrected INKEY$ for Windows
  • Added new $OPTION INKEY$
  • Added new keywords SOUND, and MESSAGEBOX
  • Added new keywords UNLOADLIBRARY and LIBRARYINST
  • DLLs are now loaded and kept in memory until program ends
  • Fixed problem with retrieving Font properties
  • Fixed problem with setting ClipBoard text
  • Added and updated APPLICATION object
  • Fixed a problem with CODEPTR/CALLBACK
  • Added Handle property to QTREEVIEW items
  • Updated QSTRINGGRID with PullDown lists, etc...
  • June 29, 2000 New Linux version and
    New Windows version

  • Added OnHint event to QFORM
  • Fixed bug in using QTREEVIEW.ITEM(x).TEXT
  • Fixed problem with method EXCHANGE of QSTRINGLIST
  • Fixed problem with VAL function, it was only recognizing 'e' and not 'E' for exponentials
  • Fixed problem with method SHOWTITLEBAR of QFORM
  • Added CODEPTR (or CALLBACK) function
  • Added HANDLE property to QRICHEDIT
  • Updated QMENUITEM, for ownerdraw menus see knowledge base
  • Added some more properties to QFONT, including CHARSET
  • Fixed a problem with SHOWHINT in QIMAGE
  • Added the ability to modify FONT properties for those components supporting FONTs. ie. QForm.Font.Size = 10
  • Added new data type VARIANT, and keyword VARTYPE
  • Added QOLEOBJECT, but still experimental
  • June 19, 2000 New Windows version

  • Added SCREEN.CURSORS so you can create your own cursors
  • Fixed some DIM issues, allowing for compatibility with other BASIC languages
  • Added some new $OPTION parameters, see Chapter 3
  • Fixed a problem with READUDT
  • Fixed a problem with PEEK, weird errors
  • Added generic READ/WRITE methods for QFILESTREAM and QMEMORYSTREAM, just to make life easier.
  • Fixed some problems in using arrays of fixed strings
  • Added new component QTREEVIEW
  • Updated QSOCKET
  • June 12, 2000 New Linux version. Added INP and OUT keywords, and other fixes and additions as related to the Windows version.
    June 9, 2000 New Windows version

  • Fixed a problem in using WITH
  • Fixed a problem with QSCROLLBAR OnChange event
  • Fixed INC and DEC problems within IF..THEN..ELSE
  • Corrected a precision problem with STR$
  • Added new keyword STRF$ for formatting numeric expressions
  • Added keywords RINSTR and REVERSE$
  • VARPTR can now handle arrays, but not string arrays
  • Added keyword FORMAT$
  • Ability to assign array values inplace, like C
    ie. DEFINT A(1 TO 10) = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10}
  • Fixed problem with WriteUDT/ReadUDT using arrays of UDTs
  • Fixed 64KB text limit in Rapid-Q IDE
  • May 27, 2000 New Windows, Linux, and Solaris versions. Added some new keywords, TALLY, QUICKSORT, INP, OUT, REPLACESUBSTR$. Now you can have arrays of UDTs. Some bug fixes as usual, see README.TXT for more.
    May 17, 2000 New Windows version, with the usual fixes, added FIELD$, and SIZEOF keywords. New directive $ESCAPECHARS, see documentation on the usage. Also added THIS keyword for extended types.
    May 13, 2000 New Linux version, with bug fixes, blob support for MySQL, FIELD$ keyword, and new directive $ESCAPECHARS. New Windows version should be available in a few days.
    May 6, 2000 Mailing list is back up, so if you couldn't subscribe before, try again. New Windows version, with blob support for QMYSQL, some new methods for QFileStream to read/write binary data, SwapItem for QListView, added new keywords VARPTR and VARPTR$, other fixes and additions can be found in README.TXT. Documentation and IDE have been updated as well.
    Apr. 29, 2000 Sorry if your mail gets bounced, there's a problem with my cheap ISP, again. Anyway, you can also reach me at or or just post your question on the Forum. The current version of QMYSQL does not support blobs, but the next release will.
    Apr. 27, 2000 Okay, everything should work now...
    Apr. 27, 2000 Oops, forgot to do something... don't download anything yet.
    Apr. 27, 2000 Fixed length strings should work properly now, also added QSPLITTER, QHEADER, and QMYSQL for Windows/Linux. You'll need to download the RQLIBSQL libraries, see below.
    Apr. 22, 2000 Fixed some problems with optimization, added ReadUDT and WriteUDT for QFILESTREAM and QMEMORYSTREAM. Added InsertRow/Col, DeleteRow/Col, and SwapRow/Col for QSTRINGGRID. Added Fixed length strings.
    Apr. 16, 2000 Lots of fixes and additions for the Windows version. IF .. THEN .. ELSE can now be on the same line, CONST variables won't be included unless used in your program, added mask properties to QEDIT, optimized DirectX to draw faster, and now you can prototype your Linux application under Windows by downloading the GTK libraries for Rapid-Q. Other additions can be found in README.TXT
    Apr. 9, 2000 Added a new Message Board, click on Forum. The mailing list will still be used, but I know there's some problems with it (ie. some people have trouble subscribing, and some messages get lost). I'm also going to start a Rapid-Q knowledge base.
    Apr. 4, 2000 New Rapid-Q for Windows, Linux, and Unix. Next update may take a while.
    Apr. 1, 2000 New Rapid-Q for Windows. Fixes problem with VAL and added some more keywords. Upgraded QStringGrid again. You can now pass variables by reference by prepending an @ symbol. Added a Chapter on how to use Direct3D.
    Mar. 26, 2000 Okay, I took out QCOMPORT which I really don't like anyway :-). Also added GET$ to read from STDIN used in CGI programs. So A$ = GET$(10) will read 10 bytes... You can also download to produce smaller executables. Just copy these libraries to your Rapid-Q directory. This is for Windows only.
    Mar. 24, 2000 New Windows and Linux versions. Added extra application type CGI which directs any PRINT statements to the standard out. Under Linux/Unix, compiling as CGI will not include any X libraries, so an X display is not required. Other additions include DIR$ routine, QFONTDIALOG component added, QSTRINGGRID and QSOCKET updated.
    Mar. 16, 2000 New Windows version, fixes line number problem and other minor glitches. For those who want to experiment with QCOMPORT, download these libraries and copy over the old ones.
    Mar. 3, 2000 New Linux and Windows version of Rapid-Q released. Direct 3D RM (no IM support) is still quite experimental so no documentation exists for these components yet. You can play with the examples provided: D3D.BAS, WRAP.BAS, and SHADOW.BAS. Please note that the examples use software emulation for 3D processing, just set UseHardware to true if you have a 3D accelerated card.
    Feb. 23, 2000 Uploaded the new Linux version, about the same changes as the Windows version, minus the IDE part. For those that are having problems downloading the new Windows version, I've provided this alternative link:
    Feb. 22, 2000 New Windows version, some more bug fixes, and you can now change the .EXE icon from within Rapid-Q instead of downloading a 3rd party product.
    Feb. 20, 2000 Another update of Rapid-Q for Windows. Added READ, DATA, and RESTORE. There are special use cases for DATA statements, see SUITE.BAS for an example. Hopefully I can upload a new Linux version next week. I may also release a HP-UX version if anyone wants it.
    Feb. 8, 2000 Updated Rapid-Q for Windows. Fixed some problems with IF THEN ELSE, and other minor issues. Added REDIM and QSTRINGLIST. Updated the IDE finally.
    Feb. 1, 2000 Uploaded the new Solaris/Sparc version of Rapid-Q, also fixed some bugs in the Linux version, especially the FileStream WriteStr bug.
    Jan. 29, 2000 New Linux version! Sorry for the long delay, many fixes made. There's also an experimental GTK version distributed with it, but it's an optional component. See the README file for more information. I'll upload the Sparc version in a few days. Also some fixes made in the Windows version, especially QSocket. Added GetHostIP and Peek. Now both versions share the same ReadLine/WriteLine format, and ReadLine is fixed.
    Jan. 13, 2000 Printer support has now been added, also added ownerdraw listbox and comboboxes. Fixed some bugs, added some more examples, updated document.
    Jan. 4, 2000 I'm taking the next few weeks to work on the Linux/i386 version of Rapid-Q. After doing some research, I've decided to dump XForms in favour of GTK+. There will be 2 versions available, a static version (no run-times), and of course the smaller dynamic version. GTK+ is much more flexible and stable for my needs, so that's why I'll be using it for Rapid-Q. If you have any comments/concerns, feel free to e-mail me. This newer version will be available sometime in February, hopefully. I'll think about making this open source so you can recompile for your variant of Unix.
    Dec. 23, 1999 Small update, but I've added some more stuff, QSCROLLBOX, and QNOTIFYICONDATA. See TRAY.BAS on how to get your program in the system tray area.
    Dec. 23, 1999 Big update, although most of it is "under the hood" type of updating. You can now have array of components, I fixed the problem of overlapping events, I've added a new component QGROUPBOX, and some more keywords SGN, CLNG, ROUND, REPLACE$, INSERT$, DELETE$ and a new modulo arithmetic operator INV (which someone requested). Check the example PUZZLE.BAS for some of the new concepts introduced, or subscribe to our mailing list and discuss them.
    Nov. 28, 1999 Well, as promised, here is the new Rapid-Q for Windows with many bug fixes, some major and some minor ones. Thanks for everyone's bug reports, I appreciate it.
    Nov. 17, 1999 A whole month has passed, you're probably expecting some big... well, no, not really. I've done some bug hunting and squashed a few. I didn't document some things, maybe because I forgot, and now I can't remember what they are (heheh). QRect is supported, so you can call ScrollWindow, and some others... didn't document that yet. You can now use PUBLIC and PRIVATE declarations when you create your own objects, see Chapter 10 for the details. Also, you can now use function pointers in Rapid-Q! See Chapter 11 for details. I think that's about all that's new, including some new examples like ROTATE.BAS
    Oct. 17, 1999 Small update/fixes. Removed QCOMPORT component which might have caused Rapid-Q not to run on some Win95 machines.
    Oct. 7, 1999 You can now call DLLs with more than 2 parameters. However, you may discover some odd behaviours, like passing DOUBLE type parameters. Use SINGLE instead. There's also a DEMO of a GUI form designer for Windows... Hmmmm, it resembles another compiler which I won't mention but I do praise. Nothing to report for Linux/Unix, I'm more discouraged than anything. It's too bad some things just can't be emulated.
    Sep. 25, 1999 For those who are currently using the Unix (Solaris) version, I'll try to upload something later next week. The bugs are fixed, I just need to find some time to package everything. As for the Windows version, here's an update with some bug fixes, some major, some minor. People have e-mailed me about malfunctioning examples, yes, they're just old examples I forgot to update. Well, they're updated now... I hope :)
    Sep. 7, 1999 I included the wrong HTTP.BAS file in the Rapid-Q distribution. If you're worried why it doesn't work, just download the one available on this page.
    Sep. 6, 1999 Major updates, more bug fixes, documentation is more complete now. Thanks again to all beta testers who've e-mailed me their comments and suggestions, I appreciate it! Some of the features you find in Rapid-Q is because people have requested them. If enough people ask for something, it's a good chance that I'll end up doing it. Obviously this doesn't come with any guarantees.
    Sep. 1, 1999 More refinements, a lot of bugs found and corrected, mostly just the parser. There are a few undocumented Rapid-Q features, like Embedded SUBs and i++ kind of thing... most of these undocumented features are riddled with exceptions and special cases.
    Aug. 29, 1999 Ever have one of those days when you spend hours debugging your code, to find out only a single line needed to be changed? Argh! I almost gave up, but I guess it's worth it. I've added color to Linux/Unix console, and now you can create your own components in Rapid-Q! I've added a Chapter to the documentation, so take a look at how to do this yourself, it's quite easy, no OOP experience necessary.
    Aug. 25, 1999 The Linux version now runs 4 times faster, also fixed CONST and FUNCTION bugs in both the Windows and Linux versions. More console features added to Linux, like INKEY$ and LOCATE. I'll try to get COLOR working later... I hope.
    Aug. 22, 1999 Finally added QSocket support for Windows, check out the HTTP file snatcher! Also added QGauge for Windows.
    Aug. 21, 1999 Stabilized Linux/Unix version, still needs some optimizing though. Added some additional components for it as well. Also added QOutLine for Windows version.
    Aug. 14, 1999 Added DirectX, QStringGrid, Create method for menus, Internal stack, $DEFINE directive.
    Aug. 10, 1999 Added PCOPY, PEEK, POKE, and QListView
    Aug. 6, 1999 Added Socket support for Linux only
    Aug. 4, 1999 Truly solved IDE problem by compiling RC.EXE as a 32-bit application. Added QDirTree.
    July 4, 1999 First Rapid-Q Beta released.

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