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Since Aug. 29
  • Uploaded new Windows version

    Since Aug. 27
  • Uploaded new Linux and Solaris version

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  •   Rapid-Q overview

    Rapid-Q is a cross platform BASIC programming language capable of generating GUI and CONSOLE applications (including CGI applications). It directly supports MySQL, DirectX, a bit of Direct3D, Sockets, a bit of COM, component/object programming, and many other nice features. Rapid-Q is currently available for Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Linux/i386, Solaris/Sparc, and HP-UX. Although Rapid-Q is still in Beta (for over a year already), it is fully functional and FREE!

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      What's New

    August 29, 2000   New Windows version
    • Fixed problem with QSCROLLBOX OnResize event
    • Fixed some stack problems with interrupted events
    • Fixed problem with using INC/DEC on arrays
    • Added new keywords MEMCPY and MEMSET
    • Added ability to return a UDT in DLL Functions
    • Added method UPDATE to QFILELISTBOX
    • Updated QPOPUPMENU with some new properties and events
    • Added ability to REDIM components and variants
    • Fading out MouseX and MouseY, these should no longer be used
    • Updated the Rotate method with background problem resolved
    • Fixed some problems with PROPERTY SETs
    • Added keywords INPW and OUTW
    • Added ability to read/write COMMAND$
    • Extended functionality of interpreter DLLs so you can pass command line parameters
    • Added new method SHAPEFORM to QFORM
    • Added new component QDXSOUND
    • Minor updates and additions for QLISTVIEW, QSOCKET, QLABEL
    • Added more $OPTION parameters, VBDLL and WEAKTYPE
    • Added new console keyword SCREEN
    • Fixed the missing pixels bug for your icons
    August 27, 2000   New Linux & Solaris version
      Sorry it took so long to update the Solaris version, it should be up to date with the Linux version except for a few things. INP and OUT aren't supported, and of course, no GTK support for the Solaris version.
    August 20, 2000   Page Update
      Decided to update the page, let me know if it annoys you. I'll keep an activity log so people can stop e-mailing me about the same problem or feature.

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